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Posted on 4:35 pm 07/25/2017
Welcome in our Deal Wall in forum

How it works you can open thread there if want to sell or buy virtual product or just make referal exchange deal.

Selling Rules :

*You can only sell virtual products.
*Selling all kinds of accounts is not allowed.
*Don't hijack people's threads. Hijacking is putting information that might ruin or lower the chances of a member from making a sale, like posting opinions about how "bad" his product is, trying to plug in your own thread or claiming that what he's selling is illegal/suspicious without proof.
*Sales must be done on board, you cannot redirect to another store/website.
*You can have a maximum of 1 active thread, if you surpass this limit, your other threads will be locked.
*You must own or have resale rights to what you are selling.
*You cannot sell illegal/shady/suspicious products.
*You may not ask members to contact you outside of Cordden to conduct a sale, use Private Messages.
*Selling traffic to generate ad revenue ( for adsense, or any other ad agency ) is not allowed.
*Selling referrals is not allowed.

Referal Exchange Deal Rules
*You not allowed make referal exchange deal if site is added in our earning wall .(If you broke this rule yours thread will be deleted and yours forum acess will be blocked for all time and might result of account suspension.
*We have no responsibility over what goes in this board, it's an open jungle.
*Participate in exchange deals at your own risk, please do not report anything, it's your responsibility to trust someone or not, use your head.
*Do not open threads in complaint section about anything that goes in this board, why ? read point 2 and 3.
*If a deal goes wrong, stop it, that's your only option, we do not resolve disputes.
*Respect the thread bumping rule, one bump every 24 hours only, note that you can't bump someone else's thread if it hasn't been 24 hours since his last bump.
*For profit URL shortening services ( such as adfly, linkbucks, etc... ) are not allowed.
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